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Founder & Registered Expressive Art Therapist.

Comfort Through ART.

I have always been a part of the art industry, whether behind a camera or painting on a canvas. Art spoke to me, motivated me and healed me. I was fortunate enough to have my kids exposed to art constantly. Through painting, drawing, poetry or music, creativity was always a means of communication and self expression.

Throughout my son’s life, Jack would often be painting, drawing, jotting thoughts and ideas into his journals. Scribbling little doodles and lyrics, constantly creating new pieces of work. Art created a sense of therapy, a sense of understanding, and now a way many remember Jack.

When Jack passed, his journals and art provided comfort to his peers throughout their grieving process. It has brought us closer together, to admire the benefits and beauty that art has to offer.”


I opened my studio knowing that the system is broken, but we can be the change. Expressive Arts allows people to de-center from the issues that are in front of them. Creativity allows us to grow, helps us navigate through our thoughts and process emotions. We must learn to listen with our eyes, and turn off our minds. Art therapy allows you to move through challenges, understand yourself, and encourage healing.


The new wave

I have a passion for writing, storytelling and content creation which lead me to pursue a career in Digital Marketing and design. After completing my program, I was fortunate enough to reconnect with Stacey.

I never truly found myself to be a “creative” individual, I was gifted with words but I had never picked up a paintbrush let alone an acrylic marker. That soon began to change, as I dove into the world of art therapy.

The Art Hub has become a huge aspect of my everyday life, this is not something we take lightly. As one of the first people apart of this team, I am so incredibly proud to watch The Art Hub grow to impact more youth around the world. 

I have experienced being on both sides of the fence. The side of being able to facilitate and empower youth through art therapy, as well as being an at-risk youth in need of the services. Throughout my youth, I was never exposed to art therapy as a form of healing and self-discovery. My mission and goal is to raise awareness on how beneficial art therapy truly is for youth.

Every client that I have met and interacted with holds a special place in my heart. Watching the growth of the youth that have visited The Art Hub has been the driving factor for me.

I hope to meet you soon!



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