The ArtHub is a resource for youth to explore, learn and heal through creativity.

Expressive Arts Therapy, EXA  is at the core of what we offer growth through the process of art making.

It is a multi arts/ multi module approach to therapy that allows youth to express themselves through different mediums painting, music, poetry, clay, graffiti and focuses on the art of play and process.

Creativity allows freedom of expression, the joy of play and simply being in the moment.

Poiess which means moving from the everyday into the imaginary world to create which is resourced from your own experience so creating a pathway to self discovery and healing.

Jack Simpson

The Art Hub was born from the philosophy of Jack Simpson Jack was born a brief 22 years ago and grew up in Vancouver. In his short life having passed in 2016, Jack brought so much wonder to those who knew and love him. He was a boy of prodigious intellect, energy, emotion and kindness, a deep thinker with a multitude of ideas. He had no realization of how many loved him or on whom he had an impact. In his last months, Jack devoted himself to volunteering and trying to make the world a better place. In his words: “Life is but an explosion of energy, a spike in proportion to the beauty of the infinite time and space of the universe. Everything is a miracle”. Jacks journals were filled with art, philosophy, innovative ideas to heal and care for the world A poet, skateboarder an artist and the reason ArtHub started, a safe place a space to percolate ideas, nurture creativity, to connect youth to the healing powers of Expressive Arts.


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